The “Natural” Drug for The Treatment of Arthrosis

Over 100 years of research and 700 cases in which regenerative medicine treatments have been used successfully have contributed to the establishment of RE.GA.IN.®, the centre of excellence of the Galeazzi Research Hospital

Cardiac Surgery, Focus on the Patient

A pathway designed to reduce the hospital stay of the patient, by ensuring the continuity of the treatments provided, from the pre-admission phase to rehabilitation.

Value-Based Medicine

What should a patient expect after an operation or medical treatment? Will their quality of life improve and if so, how and to what extent? Today this discipline assesses the result of treatments not only using standardised, measurable clinical...

Flat feet: functional or aesthetic defect?

When it develops, what are the treatment options, and when is surgery indicated.

The “Cerca e Ricerca” Centre Is Born At San Raffaele

A pathway for the treatment of the upper digestive tract where the multidisciplinary team rotates around the patient and guides him towards prompt and more personalised healing

New Hope for Beta Thalassemia

A group of researchers at the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele has demonstrated the efficacy of gene therapy for the treatment of one of the most widespread genetic diseases in the Mediterranean area, which can currently only be controlled by...

Prosthetic and Arthroscopic Surgery

Custom-made templates for prosthetic implants and new forms of patient management in terms of drugs, physiotherapy and surgery: this is the future of orthopaedic surgery

SOS: asthma in children

Little children love running, jumping and chasing each other around. But what should you do if your child becomes breathless and short of breath and you hear a kind of “wheeze” while your child is playing or resting? And when could it be asthma?

Visual Disorders in Aging

The progressive lengthening of the average lifespan has produced a significant increase in degenerative eye diseases

How to Prevent Ulcers

A hectic lifestyle, bad habits and negative emotions like anger can leave their mark on our digestive system, with unpleasant consequences for our stomach

Laparoscopy in The Peptic Ulcer

When pharmacological treatment has no effect within two months, surgery must be performed

Erectile Dysfunction And Type 2 Diabetes

A male problem that is affecting both health and relationships. Diabetologists, urologists, andrologists and cardiologists unite to develop a therapy in support of both balanced blood sugar and happy relationships

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Prostate enlargement and abnormal urination: at what point does intervention become necessary? At the Policlinico San Donato: a less invasive, more effective technique using thulium laser

Therapy For Type 2 Diabetes

Brief discussion on future possible treatments, updates for ongoing research and the latest therapies available

A European Study Headed By Galeazzi Orthopaedic Research Institute

Orthopaedic and dental infections are the focus of the Annafib study supported by European funding

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It affects not only those working with computers all day and frequently using mouse and keyboard, but also those who carry out manual labour. Women are the most affected, being 3 times more likely to suffer from it than men


From the discovery of insulin to stem cell therapy: nearly 100 years of scientific research serving the needs of diabetic patients


New research opportunities for innovative cures of beta-thalassaemia, a rare but impacting disease


The chances of surviving after breast cancer are increasing but, in particular, the idea of being able to go back to being the woman you were instils courage


Researchers at San Raffaele get to the roots of what causes the side effects of CAR-T therapy


An incision under the armpit and the sternum remains intact. The innovative technique adopted by Policlinico San Donato does not leave marks and trauma on the chests of little ones.


Are they really the same thing? Joint pain is a mystery for many patients.

73-Year-Old lives thanks to 3D models and holograms

Cardiologists and engineers at Policlinico San Donato work together for a heart intervention that is unique within the European continent: thanks to a device built ad-hoc and a futuristic procedure, simulated with 3D models and holograms, they...

Pancreatic Cancer

From the warning signs to therapy options: reviewing one of the most feared diseases

Anti-Ageing Strategies for Men Today

Eliminate blotches on the face and relax wrinkles, rejuvenate the lips for kisses that leave their mark at any age. With the plastic dermatology experts at the Istituto Dermoclinico Vita Cutis in Milan and Gruppo San Donato, we discover how to...

Urinary Incontinence in Women

Urogynaecology is an area of medical specialisation that has seen a real drive for progress over recent years, both in regards to clinical aspects and applications and in regards to research


A pilot project aimed at early identification of the existence of diseases that can be treated today if diagnosed in time.

Metabolic Surgery

In Italy, almost 10% of the population is affected by obesity, in particular in women. Among the children, 20% are overweight and 4% are obese, while in adolescents 25% are overweight and 5% are obese. The data is showing a disturbing picture,...