Requesting an appointment

  • Fill in an online request form
  • Send an email request to providing us with:
    • Personal details: full name, date of birth, country of residence;
    • Medical records: current diagnosis, physicians’ reports, x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, biopsy results;
    • Desirable period for an appointment or/and treatment;
    • Information on your insurance

Scheduling your appointment, diagnostic or treatment program

You will receive a confirmation email from a GSD International Medical Coordinator within 24h after your request has been made.
If you’ve made an appointment request, the International Medical Coordinator will be responsible for providing you with:

  • date and time of your appointment;
  • name of your doctor;
  • GSD facility where your appointment or treatment will take place.

If you’ve made a request for a diagnostic or/and treatment program, the International Medical Coordinator will contact you first for a verification of your medical records. She/he will assist you through every step of planning a visit to a GSD facility which is the most appropriate for treating your pathology.

Getting a quote for your treatment

Acceptable forms of payment

As soon as your medical records have been evaluated by one of the GSD physicians the International Patients office will provide you with a quotation for a diagnostic or treatment program. All outpatient medical services shall be paid at your arrival at the hospital, payment in advance is not required.
You can choose from the following payment methods:

  1. Cash in Euro– Up to 1.999,99 Euro as per Italian law
  2. Credit/Debit Card- Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Debit etc. (for American Express card please consult with your medical coordinator first)

Inpatient treatment programs shall be paid in advance with a bank transfer. The International Patients Office will provide you with the hospital’s banking details. GSD hospitals accept all major international private insurances. Inform your International Medical Coordinator about your insurance coverage before starting your diagnostic or treatment program.

Meeting Visa requirements

If you need Visa our International Patients Office will facilitate your visa application procedure by sending you an invitation letter for medical treatments and forwarding a copy of if to the Italian Consulate in your country.
The invitation letter is issued for medical treatments and only after the payment in full is received by the GSD hospital.
The invitation letter is not issued for diagnostic procedures or medical appointments.

Arranging transportation, accomodation and leisure

GSD offers 24h personal tailor-made assistance services to satisfy each request and need of the patient and his/her family. Our clients will have a chance to choose among many different tours covering the whole area of northern and central Italy (from breath taking seaside spots to areas of historical relevance).

Ask the International Patients Office for a transportation, accommodation or leisure services arrangement at any point before or during your diagnostic or treatment program at one of the GSD hospitals, or right after it has been completed. We’ll ensure it will be perfectly in line with your current health status.