Foot and Ankle Surgery Unit

Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi



  • Outpatient consultation
  • One day surgery for small foot procedures
  • Hind foot/mid foot/forefoot surgery
  • Traumas


  • 60 Total ankle replacement
  • 120 Paediatric flat foot correction
  • 90 Complex adult foot deformity (flat foot and club foot)
  • 750 Hind foot deformity correction
  • 80 Complex rheumatological feet

Since the foundation in 2013 the USPeC Unit devoted its efforts to a 360-degrees study and treatment of foot deformities and diseases, treating more than 1000 patients on an annual basis.

It has been the leading team in TAR (Total Ankle Replacement) and even now it has the longest follow up of Hintegra TAR.

Open to all innovations, the main area of treatments is foot deformity (flat foot, club foot, arthrosis).

Dr. Alfieri Montrasio, former President of the Italian Foot and Ankle Society, is devoted to teaching at the University of Milan and also offers medical advice to Rugby players of the Italian teams and the National team.

Dr. Boga, co-founder of the USPeC Unit, is the main TAR surgeon and has also developed Arthroscopic AMIC (a technique to resurface large cartilage lesion using a porcine membrane).

Dr. Milani, joined the team in 2014 and his main area of interest is minimally invasive surgery.