Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi


  • Cosmetic Surgery

o    Breast Augmentation  
o    Breast Reduction
o    Rhinoplasty
o    Liposuction
o    Oculoplastic Procedures
o    Ear fold
o    Lipofilling
o    Injectables

  • Reconstructive Surgery

o    Orthopaedic Soft Tissue Reconstruction
o    Leg Reconstruction
o    Muscle flap rotations
o    Respiratory Pathology
o    Breast Hypertrophy
o    Facial Trauma
o    Malformations and Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction
o    Spine reconstructive surgery


159 surgeries per year

1086 outpatient services per year


Plastic and Reconstructive surgery Unit of the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute carries out reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in order to improve conditions resulting from trauma, neoplasms, burns and blemishes.

The main surgical activity is aimed at:

  • skin neoplasms;
  • oculo-eyelid pathologies;
  • weight loss outcomes in bariatric surgery (abdominoplasty, gastric banding outcomes);
  • correction of abdominal diastases and hernias.

In addition, rhinoplasty operations are performed to correct defects of the nasal pyramid following trauma and liposculpture to intervene on localized adiposities (following drugs or surgery results).



Plastic and reconstructive aesthetic breast surgery 

The Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute is aimed at all patients who need breast surgery procedures, both reconstructive and aesthetic, after demolition oncological operations (mastectomies), or to increase the volume of breasts that have an unwanted shape, to correct asymmetries and tuberous sinuses and Poland syndrome.


Breast lipofilling


Lipofilling technique is a safe surgical procedure that does not involve allergy risks and not associated with oncological risks. Using this technique in post-mastectomy breast reconstruction allows aging and modification of the new breast similar to the contralateral. Lipofilling technique can be used for a breast augmentation without prosthesis.

It uses the patient's own fat, to give definition and volume to the breast with a natural appearance and without presence of any foreign objects, such as a breast implant. Advantages, in this case, are represented by the fact of having a breast made of own tissues, without foreign materials and without the risk of developing allergies.

Breast augmentation

It is possible to obtain an increase in breast volume through introduction of breast implants. This type of intervention is indicated to adapt the contralateral breast in breast reconstruction or for asymmetrical or pendulous breasts due to prolonged breastfeeding.