Casa di Cura Villa Erbosa

Main info

Location: Bologna
Year of Foundation: 1965
Number of beds: 279 beds
Number of patients treated per year: 11,600 patients
Distance from Airport:
  • 6 km from Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport


Since 1965, the Accredited Private Hospital Villa Erbosa located in Bologna, has been working to ensure the best possible patient care with a high scientific and medical content. The premium quality of services provided, combined with state-of-the-art technologies available and an efficient organization guarantee patients to find solutions for their health needs in a safe environment and with a wide range of choice.

Villa Erbosa is the largest Private Hospital in the Emilia-Romagna Region and is one of only a few hopsitals of Gruppo San Donato outside Lombardy. As a partner of the Regional Health System (SSR), it carries out healthcare accreditation and has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001.2008 quality certification. Villa Erbosa has 7 Orthopaedic Operating Units able to perform interventions on each anatomical area with specialization in all types of surgery, from mini invasive surgery to prosthetic orthopaedics and vertebral surgery. For patients who seek the center for Prosthetic Surgery, Villa Erbosa provides the possibility of carrying out the necessary rehabilitation path in-house and a round-the-clock care.

Villa Erbosa has invested in supplying the two Urology Operating Units with the most advanced technological equipment such as Tullio's surgical laser equipment, guaranteeing excellent results with fewer operational problems and reduced hospitalization time, thus making endoscopic interventions safer and less invasive than conservative surgical techniques and open interventions.

In the field of Ophthalmology, specialists are able to treat all pathologies affecting the different segments of the eye. Villa Erbosa is equipped with Femto-Laser for cataract care, which guarantees more precision and therefore greater patient safety. Specialist Units of the General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Gynaecology and Internal Medicine have been present at Villa Erbosa for many years, therefore, professionals with long experience and recognized in their field provide patients with full response to their health needs.


Адрес: Via dell'Arcoveggio, 50 - 40129 Bologna
Тел: +39 051/631 5000

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Casa di Cura Villa ErbosaАдрес: Via dell'Arcoveggio, 50 - 40129 Bologna
Тел: +39 051/631 5000