Pancreatic Cancer

From the warning signs to therapy options: reviewing one of the most feared diseases

Anti-Ageing Strategies for Men Today

Eliminate blotches on the face and relax wrinkles, rejuvenate the lips for kisses that leave their mark at any age. With the plastic dermatology experts at the Istituto Dermoclinico Vita Cutis in Milan and Gruppo San Donato, we discover how to...

Urinary Incontinence in Women

Urogynaecology is an area of medical specialisation that has seen a real drive for progress over recent years, both in regards to clinical aspects and applications and in regards to research


A pilot project aimed at early identification of the existence of diseases that can be treated today if diagnosed in time.

Metabolic Surgery

In Italy, almost 10% of the population is affected by obesity, in particular in women. Among the children, 20% are overweight and 4% are obese, while in adolescents 25% are overweight and 5% are obese. The data is showing a disturbing picture,...