The “Heart Valve Center” of San Raffaele

A Centre aimed towards treating heart valve diseases has opened at the San Raffaele University & Research Hospital.


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The Heart Valve Centre created at the San Raffaele University & Research Hospital is dedicated to the treatment and care of patients suffering from valvular diseases. The following Professors talked about this new Centre during the San Raffaele Heart Valve Centre congress 'not only M.I.T.R.A.L.' held on 25th and 26th November 2019 in Milan:

  • Prof. Ottavio Alfieri, former lecturer at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and current president of the Alfieri Heart Foundation;
  • Prof. Alessandro Castiglioni, associate professor at the Vita-salute San Raffaele University and chief of Cardiac Surgery Department;
  • Prof Michele De Bonis, associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and head of the Cardiac Surgery Unit of advanced and research therapies;
  • Prof. Matteo Montorfano, Chief of Interventional Cardiology and Hemodynamic.
The Heart Team experience
Thanks to the scientific progress of the past 25 years, advancements in the medical sector have led to change the course of many valvopathies meaning that treatment is now possible on cases that were previously inoperable. The cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology of the San Raffaele Hospital are the protagonists of this change, starting from the introduction of the "edge-to-edge" technique for the surgical treatment of mitral and tricuspid insufficiency. The use of the Mitraclip, Pascal, Cardioband, Neocorde and Tricento systems made trans-catheter treatment of mitral and tricuspid insufficiency possible within suitable and adequately selected patients. In fact, some of these devices have been developed and applied for the first time at San Raffaele (first in man). As to confirm the leading role they have played in the valvular disease sector, the specialists of the San Raffaele Heart Valve Centre have been repeatedly involved in the drafting of the European Guidelines on the treatment of cardiac valve diseases since 2007.
The Heart Valve Centre
From years of italian medical expert experience the Heart Valve Centre of San Raffaele was born. According to the philosophy of patient-centred care, the centre is composed of a multidisciplinary team that over the years through constant and translational research (from bench to bed) has developed skills that can offer patients the best personalized treatment for valvular pathologies through well-defined diagnostic and therapeutic pathways involving doctors from several clinical specialties.
The San Raffaele Heart Valve Centre congress: not only M.I.T.R.A.L.E.
At the San Raffaele Heart Valve Centre ‘not only MITRALE’ congress, the leading Italian experts meet at the San Raffaele Congress Centre for an update on new frontiers in the field of diagnosis and treatment of valvular disease. Great importance was given not only to traditional valvular repair surgery, but also to the most innovative transcatheter procedures. In the light of the new published trials, controversial topics were discussed such as, the treatment of mitral insufficiency in patients with heart failure and the extension of transcatheter replacement of the aortic valve (TAVI) in low and intermediate risk patients. Another current issue which, the experts discussed, was infective endocarditis, a pathology which requires a multidisciplinary management that the Hospital Endocarditis Team deals with on a daily basis.To conclude, clinical cases of particular interest were proposed followed by an extensive interactive discussion on both issues in diagnosis and treatments.
The congress was sponsored by the Italian Society of Interventional Cardiology GISE and by the Italian Society of Cardiac Surgery.
Date: 05/12/2019
Editing: Arianna Derossi
Translation: Violetta Valeeva